What a website can do for you

The fact that you are here means you are thinking about getting a website. In today's increasingly online world, a website is a necessity if a business or author wants to be noticed or grow their sales.

Increase sales

According to Statista, over 87% of online Australians used the web for shopping in 2022. A website allows customers to find your business/books. It shows customers what you have for sale and can allow customers to buy directly from an ecommerce website, 24 hours a day.

Customer contact

A website should display your phone number, email address and physical address (if your business has one). Including a google map can help customers easily locate your business. A contact form allows customers to do such things as ask for quotes. A blog attached to a website can allow you to interact with customers. Customers can also sign up to a newsletter and receive information about your latest products, services or books.

Create a narrative

You can use a website to tell your customers about ALL your products and services. A website can show your proven track record in providing quality goods and services by displaying a portfolio of your work/products and having customer testimonials.

Other benefits

A website is a cheap and creative way to advertise. A website also helps build credibility for a business as people tend to trust businesses that they can research online.

The right website for you

Wangaratta Website Design Services will build a website backwards from the results that you want. I will focus on not just making a great-looking website but a website that is designed to achieve the results that you want. The website will be maximised for SEO. Through a comprehensive process we will design the website together. After our initial contact, a more in-depth discussion about your needs will take place. This meeting could take place in person or online using Skype or Zoom. I will then write up the details of our discussion about the website you want and send them to you. Once the details are approved by you, and a 50% deposit has been made, I will start the project.

white board of website design process

Website design services

Wangaratta Website Design Services designs, develops and services creative and user-friendly websites for business and authors. My websites are easy to maintain and customers can easily add a book/product or service to a website.

Business websites

Your business can have a simple website that tells people what you sell and where you are, or a more complex site that allows a customer to book an appointment or buy goods or services at any time of the day.

Author websites

I write novels and aim to be published. As a writer I am very aware of what an author's website needs to do. It needs to be part of a branding of the author and fully integrated with other social media.

Easy to maintain websites

I create websites that allow new products, services or books to be easily added by its owner.

Maintenance of websites

For a small extra fee, I will check your website every month to ensure it has received the latest updates and that it is functioning correctly.

Web branding

I can create a fully integrated branding of your online presence by linking your website, blog and social media with the same theme and appearance.

Responsive websites

Most people want their website to be viewable on all devices, like computer screens, tablets and mobiles. I construct fully responsive websites, like this one.

Website portfolio

Examples of websites I have designed and built. Click or touch the image to go to the site.

author Pamela Harts website
author Pamela Harts website
Smiths Fruit website design
Shannon Fraser Solar Electric's website
a fashion ecommerce website I designed.
an image of the homepage of a game review website I designed.
a basic   commerce website I designed.
a Toyota marai website design
Graham Clements author website

Types of websites

The type of website you require will vary from that of other businesses and authors. There are a variety of types of websites, from the simple to the very complex.

Static websites

Originally websites were just pages of text with some images. The website gave a few details of the business and where it was located, or the author and their books and where they could be purchased. The site was static with no interaction between the user and website. My dummy author website is an example of such a website.

Websites using a content management system

Content management systems enable a website to store information from a user and for the website's owner to easily add information to it. A content management system enables the user to search for a product, service or book, or make an appointment for a service. Content management systems enable the storing of posts on blogs, such as on the blog for Wangaratta Website Design Services, and allow visitors to comment on those posts.

Interactive websites

Interactive websites have movement, like a slideshow of images common on many websites, or hotspots, where information is displayed when the cursor moves over an area of a page. Or a website could have a form that a user can fill in. My website for the hydrogen fuelled Toyota Mirai is an example of such a site.

Ecommerce websites

Ecommerce sites use a much more sophisticated form of content management system where the business or author can sell directly to the customer from the website, like my basic ecommerce website example of Maggie's.

Other website services

I write content for websites. I contributed many well researched articles to the Divine website. I can create information videos for your website, like the one I created about the Chilling Effect. I can also use Chatgpt and Di-d to create talking heads to appear on your websites. Click or touch the images to see the articles or some example videos.

homepage of divine website
image from information video I created
image from information video I created

About me

Graham Clements

image of Graham Clements the chief website designer

New to the Industry, with new ideas and creative energy.

I have a number of very satisfied customers. Some of their websites are displayed in the portfolio section above. I have a Master of Creative Writing which means I can write great content for your website. I also have an economics degree and I have worked in a number of industries, so I understand business. Call or message me about creating an informative and user-friendly website for you or your business.

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Contact me

If you want to find out more or get a quote, you can ring or email me, or use the contact form. If you email or use the form, let me know what sort of website you are interested in.

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