One year in business

Wangaratta Website Design Services has now been in business for a year. It has been a very challenging year. I launched the business on March 19 2019 and about a week later Victoria was shutdown due to COVID19. My original marketing plan of visiting businesses then had to be changed. I had to rely more […]

Questions a web designer might ask you.

Hi all, When a potential client contacts me, these are some of the preliminary questions I am likely to ask. 1. What does your business do? 2. How long has it been operating? 3. Do you currently have a Website? If yes: What is or isn’t working for you on it? Do you want a […]

Converting an existing website so it can be viewed on a mobile.

Hi all, I finally bit the bullet and decided to convert a website that had not been built with mobile phones in mind to one that could be easily viewed on a mobile. This means that the pages are now responsive and resize when viewed on a mobile. It was one of the first websites […]

Coronavirus and starting a new website design business

Hi Everyone, I have been debating whether this is a bad or good time to be starting a website design and development business. The economic situation is so volatile at the moment, seemingly changing by the minute. Businesses will be unsure of what will happen next. I do hope it settles down into some sort […]

My website design business is up and running

Hi everyone, After weeks of preparation, Wangaratta Website Design Services is set to commence business on the 26th of March. My decision to set up a website design business is the result of my completion of a BA in Internet Communications last year. I very much enjoyed the challenge and creativity of the various web […]